Terms and Conditions

Posted by Taryn Kochera on

Our return policy is as follows: We offer exchange or store credit ONLY within 7 days of delivery for in stock items. If your item is a Preorder (purse, wallet, electronics, clothing, ETC) these will be handled individually depending on the situation. You have 60 days to use your store credit. It is not our responsibility to remind you about using your credit. Please make note and keep track of timing.
· You have 7 days (from date of delivery) to inspect your items for any damages or defects. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US AFTER THAT TIMEFRAME IF YOU NOTICE SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR ITEM. We try our best to inspect all items before they leave our facility but we are human and do make mistakes.
· SHIPPING: Shipping times are APPROXIMATE. We CANNOT guarantee ship times, anything can happen and we cannot be held responsible if an item did not make it to us on time. Some items are coming from overseas and must go through customs before being released to our shipper. We try our best to keep everyone informed as soon as we have any information regarding shipments. Be sure to have notifications turned on for the group as this is where we post all important information.
Once your item(s) have shipped you will receive tracking information VIA email. Please check your emails before contacting us about your order.
· If for any reason you need to make a return you must contact us within 7 days of delivery to receive a Return Authorization. If we receive a return that has not been authorized you will NOT receive a credit and your item will NOT be returned to you. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please be sure to include your name and written description why you are returning your item(s). Once your item has been received and processed we will place a credit on your account. REMEMBER, you have 60 days to use that credit. FINAL SALE ITEMS CANNOT BE RETURNED!